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Web Development

From static WEBSITES to complex WEBAPPLICATIONS.

Using up-to-date Frameworks and Technologies I can provide you with the right solution for your WEB-PROJECT. Let's start right now!

Mobile Development

Mobile Applications for all platforms

Mobile Apps have become an integral part of our lives. Let's get in touch and plan your made-to-measure App!


Structure From Motion and image registration.

Photo-realistic 3D-reconstructions are essential in modern archaeological documentation. Contact me for technical details!

Archaeological Data-Analysis

Stochastic analysis and Database-Archaeology.

Archaeostatistic methods are gaining importance rapidly. Can they answer your question? Let's find out!

Archaeological Documentation

Digital 3D measurements and photography.

A profound knowledge of digital archaeology lets me find an exact and cost efficient way to document your excavation. Call me for further information!

Data Visualization

Charts, Graphs & Diagrams

There is a high number of Software solutions and frameworks for Data-Visualization. We can find or create the one fitting your needs!



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